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Let’s face it, the world is a stressful place.

You’ve got bills brimming from your mailbox and inbox, laundry overflowing from your hamper, garbage cans that always seem full, avalanches of emails and text messages, pings and business meetingscarpools and doctor appointments. Oh, and how could we forget: social media overload?

You’ve got a stiff neck and a few too many knots in your back. You’re no stranger to untimely headaches. And when you spend time with friends and family, you’re distracted and plagued by a nagging underlying anxiety. If you’re honest, life feels like something you have to survive.

Burnout is real. But feeling frazzled is a natural response. Only a robot wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the modern world’s daily demands!

And every day it starts...All. Over. Again.

But there is hope: Kamena Yoga for Stress Relief.

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Access To Deep Relaxation Is Your Birthright

Can you honestly and confidently say you know how to counteract stress and anxiety as needed?

Do you want to feel more relaxed in your body more often?

I’ll tell you something you may not realize: your body is designed to relax. So is your mind. You just need the right approach and the right commitment.

Kamena Yoga for stress relief helps you to relax and enjoy your experience of being in your body, whatever it is you do--working, eating, resting, or spending time with loved ones. And you better connect with those around you. Your health improves. Your life improves.

This is why yoga for stress and anxiety isn’t just a hobby. It’s essential.

Why You Need Yoga for Stress Management Today More Than Ever Before

The Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report surveyed 150,000 people from 140 countries in 2018 and found North Americans were among the most stressed people in the world.[1]

A couple of years later, with 2020’s unique challenges, matters had far from improved.[2]

Now, countless people across the World have transitioned from offices to working from home. In a culture where we’ve always glorified the weekend warrior, it’s all too easy for the seeming comfort of a work-from-home setup to turn into a nonstop work-round-the-clock nightmare.

It’s now urgently necessary to:

✔️ Care for your body by moving, stretching, and strengthening it to ward off stiffness, tension, and lethargy.

✔️ Care for your mind by giving yourself time and space to restore, to simply be instead of do.

Yoga for stress relief has become more important than ever.

My joy is helping you become present, connect with your body, and alleviate stress from your everyday life. With over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching, training, and hands-on application in yoga, I’ve developed an intuitive ability to feel, see, and hear the muscle tension that underlies stress, as well as the psycho-emotional-spiritual cascade excessive stress can trigger.

In my in-person and online yoga classes, I work with you as a whole person--physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual--so you can access optimal health, freedom and resilience at every level of your being.


Personalized Online or in Person Yoga Classes

My passion is improving the health and quality of life of clients just like you!

Private one-to-one classes are all about you! Your pace, your goals, your schedule. Designed around your needs and abilities.

✔️ Safe techniques, alignments and modifications for beginners and those with injuries.

✔️ Increase your stamina, endurance and fortitude helping to get you through challenging times. 

✔️ Develop strength keeping your muscles strong and protecting your joints.

✔️ Improve your balance & coordination preventing falls, breaks or sprains.

✔️ Generate more energy and start enjoying those activities you may have let go due to stiffness. 

✔️ Find greater flexibility in whatever you do even improving that shoulder turn while golfing!

Hear why others love to work with Lynn

Lynn Mcgowan is a highly experienced yoga therapy practitioner. She taught my husband yoga for several years, during which he was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. Lynn managed to help him maintain strength and flexibility, and Lynn's extensive knowledge and professionalism enabled her to adapt his exercise level as his condition deteriorated. She also helped him with relaxation and breathing techniques which were very calming to him.

Lucy E.

I found the experience of being in Lynn's classes life changing! I'm much stronger both mentally and physically. Found the breathing techniques wonderful and loved learning how to completely relax.

Maria O.

Lynn McGowan has for many years provided yoga sessions for myself and my family and I consider her to be one of the best yoga teachers I have come across. She excels at being able to gauge the individual needs of a person no matter what the age group. As I travel extensively, Lynn has always been adaptable at fitting me into her schedule and providing a calming atmosphere even during our Skype yoga sessions. Lynn is dedicated and professional at all times and I consider myself fortunate to have her as my yoga teacher. 

James H.

Lynn's classes have been uplifting and empowering. I'm learning to let go of the need to achieve and have become more humble, much more supple and understand better the areas that need attention. 

Mary M.

Lynn McGowan is an outstanding Yoga Teacher. With my busy travel schedule I have had the opportunity to experience many different yoga teachers so I can confidently say that Lynn is one of the best. Lynn has a great attitude, she is down to earth in her approach and creates a very calming and relaxing environment. 

Dermot D.

I certainly feel more grounded emotionally, not flying off the handle unnecessarily. I am more flexible, I sleep better and am much more relaxed as a result of taking part in Lynn's classes. 

Treasa O.

I'm feeling immeasurably better, my energy is restored to levels of several years ago, I feel happier, more relaxed and am finding joy in the everyday - like I have accessed a state of contentment. 

Fiona G.

I have known Lynn for years. She has a highly developed sense of purpose and direction and will get results. Her expertise in her work are wide and she keeps up to date with the latest trends and ideas, she is in my opinion, and the people that we have worked with, I know because they have told me, the consummate professional.

Finally Lynn has the "soft competences" to work effectively with just about anyone and I highly recommend her as a consultant or as a friend. 

Joe M.

Its been most helpful to disengage from a busy life, bringing my mind into the present moment. I feel calmer, more relaxed and have learning to de-stress! 

Jane B.